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Escape Resort is in the heart of international Agha Khan Award of Architecture winning project-Wadi Hanifa- in the middle of the Najd Plateau of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Wadi Hanifa (or Hanifa valley) which is the longest and most important valley near Riyadh, happens to be a natural water drainage course for an area of over 4,000 square kilometres and a unique geographical feature in this dry region.

Our contemporary residential and hospitality development extends over 64,000 square meters, just along the streamway of Wadi Hanifa River thus redefining the concept of luxury in this region. The project consists of 62 private chalets and 2 royal villas designed with a sense of timeless luxury as they effortlessly integrate with the landscape. The 3 types of residential units are arranged in clusters of 2 story blocks and laid out onto two parallel axes. Each of these units has a dedicated private garden, a car park, and swimming pool. Members can also enjoy access to various facilities across the resort.


The 64 residential units feature refined aesthetic with a careful thought to details and an ability to reimagine spaces offering a contemporary living experience whilst preserving cultural heritage.

As the resort welcomes exclusive members and their guests, the challenge was creating a hospitable experience for all without sacrificing privacy. Keeping that in mind, we succeeded in establishing three levels of privacy within the resort that cater to everybody’s needs without implementing visible and stiff segregation borders in the design.

The Resort features a communal swimming pool, a water park, a gym, a spa, 3 tennis courts, and 5 football playgrounds





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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia