Our comprehensive portfolio management is distinguished by five directions, in each of which investors reap rewards from specific know-how.

Real Estate and property Development and Construction

Recognizing earnings and value enhancing potential as well as initiating, planning and constructing new buildings, modifications and renovations.

Asset Management

Portfolio optimization is achieved through proactive property management; construction measures are based on professional investment processes.

360-degree Property Management

Research, Strategy, Risk Management

Research-based strategy combined with the profound experience in practice of the local teams; consistent and efficient risk management.

Acquisitions and Sales

Following due diligence review, strategy is executed through the acquisition of real estate. Performances are subject to regular reviews for determination of properties to be divested.

Reporting and Controlling

Review of strategy and portfolio targets; preparation of client reports.






















Design and Planning

With a pinch of love and a twist of creativity, we blow life into ink and paper to convert planes into volumes and ideas into live structures. Whether a house it is or a building, an office or a company, a restaurant or even a hotel, a class or a whole school, there are always those “elements” that count.  You don’t have to worry…We know exactly what they are, and we know exactly just how to use them. As functionality counts first, we make sure that beauty, mood and character come just in the same place.    At “elements”…  we draw your dreams and then we build them.

Real Estate and Property  Development and Construction

We initiate, develop, plan, execute, manage and review real estate projects, taking into account the interests of the developer or owner in the investment process too. We know and understand local circumstances such as the authorization process or general environmental conditions. We execute the technical due diligence in the acquisition process and develop investment strategies for previously analyzed property modification and renovation projects. At the same time, consistent risk management plays a significant role as well. The type and scope of real estate development projects correlate closely with the requirements of the respective investment vehicles.

The execution of international projects poses a special challenge of forming a functioning local project organization. Green Fort boasts years of extensive experience in managing real estate construction and development projects even across vast distances, thereby ensuring success in the long term.

Assets Management

The Asset Managers of elements operate in close proximity to the various real estate markets. They ensure the optimal operations, maintenance and fulfilment of earnings potential of the properties. Together with the experts from the marketing team, the asset managers provide professional marketing services for the individual properties.

We develop property strategies with business plans, recognize earnings- and value-boosting potential, and set the rent price policies, among other tasks. The specialists manage the selection process of the operating real estate service providers and provide support to the largest tenants personally. These asset managers execute the commercial due diligence in the acquisition process and optimize costs through central procurement.

Financing solutions with potential

Our experts provide advisory and support services for clients with the active management and diversification of their portfolios at the national as well as international level. In collaboration with Portfolio Management, the Acquisitions and Sales team of elements assumes the investment management activities when administration of the real estate portfolios is outsourced. For clients that aim to divest their real estate and still lease the requisite operating properties, we offer the sale-and-rent back solution.

Build-and-rentback solutions can be sensible with capital-intensive construction, expansion or total renovation of special properties, thus providing financial relief for the operator (investor solution). Private-public partnership models entail long-term collaboration with the public sector from the outset onward. This model paves the way for realizing the construction, renovation and expansion of real estate in the health- care sector despite tight government financial resources. Contribution in kind involves the divestment of properties and acquisition of fund share certificates.

Holders are free from administrative expense and gain capacity for their strategically key fields of business too.

Acquisitions and Sales.

The Acquisitions and Sales team of elements buys and sells properties, real estate projects and land in established markets or markets with growth potential that are distinguished by their liquidity, transparency and secure rule of law.

We invest everywhere but the geographic focal point is directed at urban areas and their agglomerations. In addition to traditional residential, office and commercial properties, investments are also carried out in the fields of education, healthcare, logistics, industry, leisure facilities, hospitality, senior residences, geriatric care centers and living with services. The focal point of asset allocation is targeted at office, retail and logistics properties with impressive utilization and earnings concepts. In individual cases, special use properties and real estate portfolios are reviewed as well.

The team monitors the real estate portfolio on an ongoing basis and divests properties that no longer conform to the strategy.